Volovo Ocean Race in China

A bit of sailingemotions from my last project in China Sanya with Team Alvimedica in Volvo Ocean Race.

A Step closer to Rio
Video produced for the Swiss Olympic Sailing Team Nathalie Brugger and Mathias Buhler.

The scenes where produced in Rio during the Olympic Test event this summer 2014. Editing job by James McIntyre and grafic work by Marina Brugger.

Great teamwork

Good luck for Nati & Mati

More about the team: http://www.buhlerbrugger2016.ch

We are in the year 2014, we supposed to live in civilized world.
Are we making big steps back?
I’m sharing this video because this video need to be seen around the world.
Any crazy stunt video get’s millions of views like the one from Volvo with Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s cool but this is important.
It’s not entertaining to watch this video but you should watch it and share it.
Venezuela is only one country of many..think about Egypt, Ukraine, Libya and many more.

Spend a bit of your time and share it that’s the least we can do, they deserve it.

Evolution of creativity….how long it takes to get there…do we ever get there?

VOLVO MATCH RACE CUP First event is over. What a cool feeling parking the RIB in on the lake where I live in Küsnacht and go the the shooting by boat.

The event wasn’t that easy to shoot, gray weather, white boats and not much wind. At the end we got some. The final was quite an interesting series of 4 match…lucky we decided to to the video for that.

Enjoy it


PS: James did as uasual an amazing job with the editing..thank you

Geneva February 2013, the sailing Team Tilt is training for the Red Bull Youth America’s cup selection which will be held end of February in San Francisco.

The images are taken by Juerg Kaufmann, for ZHIK the Australian sailing apparel manufacturer. It was a very cold day with temperatures around zero degrees, snowing and incredible amount of humidity.
The team was great the on-board images where taken during real race training and are fully authentic.
Good luck team Tilt.

Flavio & Enrico are getting ready for the games

Was looking for some cool time-lapse effects…here they are….specially the night time-lapse with day time action…

Well done…