Good old lego times….do you remember?
From now on we better carry a tiny lego man in our camera bag, click on the photo or here to see more of the this images taken by U.K. photographer Andrew Whyte

Love this idea…

Production Costs


With great pleasure I watched the short apple video just released today on the apple website, great footage, excellent editing job and so on.
And here it comes..filmed with an iPhone 5 amazing.
More interesting the amount of equipment used to produce it…check this one out:
– 15 locations
– 45 stories
– 70h of footage
– 100 iPhones used
– 15 cinematographers
– 21 editors
– 46 Ipad
– 86 mac used in production

All this for a short video 1’.24” just filmed with an iPhone….

Thank you apple you just explained the entire world that it takes more than just simple a camera to produce a good simple short video…

For all those who tend do believe that a good short video can be done on a low budget…read the numbers above and think about it…

Wish you all a good business week


See the video