Pure Sailing Passion


After years of yachting photography and dreaming about presenting my images on a IMAX screen suddnetly you get this magic phone call.

The Swiss National Museum of transportaion, (by fare the largest and most visited museum in Switzerland) was planning a special exibition about sailing and this is the museum with largest IMAX screen in Switzerland.

The selection of the photos turned out to be a challenge, you wnat as many as you can, covering different subject and following a story.

The editing of the video ws done by James McIntyre love the work he does.

Photoshooting with Pucci

Pucci I is a dream a class of its own, a mix between teak, class, engine and power.
As usual it was early in the morning and on top of it end of February so a bit cold when we left the harbor for the shooting of the so called “gentlemen racer”.
The magazine Swiss Boat Yachting published 5 pages plus the cover of this boat in the April edition.
But look at the images it was worth to get up early in the cold.
You want to see more about Pucci click here.

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