Evolution of creativity….how long it takes to get there…do we ever get there?

Good old lego times….do you remember?
From now on we better carry a tiny lego man in our camera bag, click on the photo or here to see more of the this images taken by U.K. photographer Andrew Whyte

Love this idea…

Production Costs


With great pleasure I watched the short apple video just released today on the apple website, great footage, excellent editing job and so on.
And here it comes..filmed with an iPhone 5 amazing.
More interesting the amount of equipment used to produce it…check this one out:
– 15 locations
– 45 stories
– 70h of footage
– 100 iPhones used
– 15 cinematographers
– 21 editors
– 46 Ipad
– 86 mac used in production

All this for a short video 1’.24” just filmed with an iPhone….

Thank you apple you just explained the entire world that it takes more than just simple a camera to produce a good simple short video…

For all those who tend do believe that a good short video can be done on a low budget…read the numbers above and think about it…

Wish you all a good business week


See the video

Patrouille des Glacier Museum in Chable


Last week opend the musem of the Patrouille des Glacier. Part of the  special events planned for the 30 anniversary of the PDG.

It’s a very special experience visiting an museum and finding may of my photos done in the last 3 editions and for sure also the video we produced last during the last edition.

Beside spectacular images the museum gives you a inside view in the history and many details who played a major role of this event.

Link to the museum: www.museedebagnes.ch 

What is the PDG:
The Patrouille des Glaciers (PDG) is a ski mountaineering race organized every two years by the Swiss Army, in which military and civilian teams compete. It takes place at the end of April, in the south part of the canton of Valais below the summits of the Pennine Alps.

Hardcore Offshore Sailing


Rolex Sydney Hobart this is a race on my bucket list..done…amazing…
Strong winds big waves unforgettable experience.
Read the full story on the magazine Wave

What is the world’s best yacht racing photograph of the year 2013 ?

What is the world’s best yacht racing photograph of the year 2013 ?

Life of a photo


Where does the life of a photo start? In the mind of the photographer, art director from the agency when they think about a specific situation, place or simply the moment he press the shutter and you hear the click of the mirror going up, which allows the light to be captured.

The pixel information go from the sensor to the memory card, assuming it’s a digital camera. Later the data/photo will be transferred to a computer where she will be deleted or selected to be edited. Some edits take a few minutes and some take a day or more.
Most of them end up being parked on some online archive/website. For many photos the online archive or photographer website is like a public library. They stay there forever and from time to time someone will come and have a look and maybe she will be downloaded and being published in a magazine or so.

Sometimes life is different, it happens more and more with my photos. The terms of a specific photo is defined already before the click with contract a kind of birth-certificate, the creator is defined and so the ownership rights etc. Those are the lucky photos, as we say in Italian “nato con la camicia”.

The editing normally takes more than just a few minutes, it takes hours and sometimes days. Not talking about the contract/birth certificate negotiations.
Let me introduce you to one of my photos which is one of them. The photo is in display right now twice 6 meters long retro illuminated in the Zurich Airport on gate B in the Schengen area.

A few weeks ago I made this panorama photo of the city of Zurich with the lake during the sunset for the Swiss private Bank Mirabaud. The concept comes from pulp.alibi in Geneva.

It’s a composition of twelve 36 megapixel vertical photos taken with the Nikon D800, on a Manfrotto panorama head. The 12 photos where then stitched together to a very large panorama photo. Lot’s of details can be seen in the photo all the buildings, streets, the Limmat etc… Enjoy the special light at that moment when the mirror went up.
Click here to see more:http://tinyurl.com/zurich-panorama

Thank you Juliette, Philipe and Bernard

Up in the sky

77 Bombay Street, “Up in the sky” this is one of the songs which I will always keep in mind for the 2013 summer, same for the shooting of last week.
At the heliport near Saint-Tropez after the normal preparation for an aerial shooting such as removing the seats, fixing the harness etc. we took off, the legs out in the fresh air under the rotor and Gilles sitting next to me, he is just back from the cup in San Francisco. A quick photo from us to document this moment and we are already high up over the bay from Saint-Tropez. The bay is almost white so many boats are out there. We are heading to the “other side” the beaches area with the legendary Club 55 the race course of Wally’s and the J Class yachts. My legs are a bit freezing and I’m going again trough my camera settings again, once we are on the spot all goes very fast.

Below my feet’s I can see the beach and the clubs and here are the big boats. From up here they look like normal sailing boats, a main sail a Jib and Spinnaker noting special but when you see the size of the crew you get a feeling how big this boats are.
Every time I’m up in the air I feel this freedom to move around fast, you talk to the pilot with the headset and you just go. I also feel a pressure you want..no you must do great shots now..the airtime is quite expensive. We look each other and smile it’s an great moment..the light is perfect the waves are there:  “la vertical la”  we say to the pilot via the headset and we are right on the top of a big wally yacht as they are dropping their massive spinnaker. I start to make on amazing photo after the other, it’s like being in a flow, you cant stop it it just comes, we move to the next boat, I even don’t feel .the cold air on my legs….and here is the song, “up in the sky you are just fine” ….enjoy the photos.

VOLVO MATCH RACE CUP First event is over. What a cool feeling parking the RIB in on the lake where I live in Küsnacht and go the the shooting by boat.

The event wasn’t that easy to shoot, gray weather, white boats and not much wind. At the end we got some. The final was quite an interesting series of 4 match…lucky we decided to to the video for that.

Enjoy it


PS: James did as uasual an amazing job with the editing..thank you

Geneva February 2013, the sailing Team Tilt is training for the Red Bull Youth America’s cup selection which will be held end of February in San Francisco.

The images are taken by Juerg Kaufmann, for ZHIK the Australian sailing apparel manufacturer. It was a very cold day with temperatures around zero degrees, snowing and incredible amount of humidity.
The team was great the on-board images where taken during real race training and are fully authentic.
Good luck team Tilt.

How to optimize the Lightroom Backup on a Mac

Despite having a 500GB local HD i’m constantly fighting with my files/disk space.
Deleting what I can and moving to external disks. Tonight once more I was digging inside my HD to make free space. Really annoying are the Lightroom back-up folders. In fact I back them up twice.
1. They occupy a lot of space on my local HD, several GB
2. They are backed up with for a second time with Time Machine
This can’t bee the solution !!!

Read the solution: http://juergkaufmann.com/2013/01/optimize-lightroom-backup/

Make up and Light

Shooting out in the nature is complex, the light is not always as you would like to have it, the studio work should be simpler. You can adjust the light as you like as you have it in mind, the stylist prepare the model with as you discuss, the eyes, cheeks etc. Seems easy but it’s not. The light is something witch require patience and then you have it but the make-up part is a challenge. What if the model think the eyes should be less or more retouched? The time is flying, retouching, adjusting the light etc. and you are still looking for different positions.
The studio work is cool really like it and the winter is a good time to work on this. Looking forward to the next shooting in the studio.

Click on the photo to see more images from this shooting.

It’s quite some time ago since the last cover on Skippers magazine, and finally with a bit of a surprise here we have one. The magazine is the December – March issue. Took the photo in Zurich during the 2012 Volvo Match Race Cup. Right before the start of the race a was on-board with the CicaCER team. A few maneuvers to warm up every body in the crew was a great chance to get some really close action photos.
The surprise is right during the event I didn’t realized the power of this photo. Back home several weeks after when Brice the chief editor called me that he is looking for a cover image with the girls team I finally found it. As always selection of the photos is as difficult as shooting, it’s so easy to miss a good photo.
PS: Click here or on to photo too see the original photo

Ab in die Berge bevor es nach London 2012 geht

WILDHORN – Images by Juerg Kaufmann

Die Olympischen Spiele kommen immer wie näher nun dauert es noch ein Woche bis der ganze Rummel anfängt und wir von Regattafeld zu Regattafeld in Weymouth hetzen.  Ja nichts zu verpassen, dass wir in die Kamera kriegen sollten. An den letzten Spielen war so viel los das ich am Schluss 5Kg weniger auf der Waage hatte. Dieses mal wird es hoffentlich nicht so hektisch auch wenn sich das Thema Ernährung nicht viel besser aussieht. England ist ja nicht gerade bekannt für die gute Küche.
4 Jahre habe wir uns darauf vorbereitet, unglaublich wie viel Aufwand hinter so einer Olympiade steckt und nun gilt es ernst. Jede Weltmeisterschaft die gesegelt wurde in den letzten 4 Jahren war wichtig aber trotzdem kommt keine an die Olympischen spiele ran.
Um den Kopf etwas zu lüften vor der Abreise an die Olympiade war ich ein paar Tage in den Bergen, meine Lieblingsort im Berner Oberland oberhalb von Gstaad Lauenen die Wildhorn Region.
Die nächsten Bilder kommen dann aus Weymouth England in ca. 1 Woche.

Auf nach London 2012

4 Jahre Vorbereitung sind Erinnerungen, X Stunden bei allen möglichen Witterungen auf dem Boot, X Stunden im Fitness, X Stunden reisen, X Stunden am Boot arbeten aber auch X Bilder, jetzte will ich einfach nach Weymouth gehen und das Ding durchziehen….let’s go and enjoy it!!!!

Time to get ready for the games

Flavio & Enrico are getting ready for the games

Was looking for some cool time-lapse effects…here they are….specially the night time-lapse with day time action…

Well done…

White desert in Egypt, see more about

Article on sail-world.com

Top Swiss photographer Juerg Kaufmann worked with some of the world’s top sailors to come up with this video, with a lot of onboard and close up images, and some very unique angles. 

Noted for taking a different approach to the art of photography, and sailing videos for the past year, join Juerg and his team and step aboard, to see Robert Scheidt (BRA) and other top sailors as you have never seen them before.

Article on sail-world.com

On the waterline

Trofeo Desafio Espagnol Valencia

Last weekend I have been in Valencia for the Desafio Annual Regatta. For some a really important event such as Alinghi and Desafio, some others like BMWOracle guess not so interested in it. For me it was a great opportunity to try out a new camera system and this with nothing less as the Americas cup boats.

Since 1 year was thinking how to realize this kind of image, specially as I like to work from the water surface and with the wide angle lenses. The perspective is different and amazing, with underwater housing I can finally combine this two in to one image without damaging the camera and even go a bit under the surface.

It’s really motivating to explore and learning this technology. As sailing photographer you always take images from sailing boats, and in the mean time we did almost every possible angle and corner of the boats and this is finally something new and give us new options.

Xie Xie China

Xie Xie in mandarino significa grazie e si pronuncia “cie cie”, hanno dato tutto quello che potevano per trasformare queste Olimpiadi in una bella festa. Non per parlarne della cerimonia di chiusura che no ho vissuto in prima persona.

Sono sul viaggio di ritorno e mi sono fermato 2 giorni a Shanghai per vedere un po di China al di fuori dal villaggio Olimpico e di Qingdao. Sfortunatamente piove fortemente e cosi sono in albergo e scrivo un po.

Gli ultimi giorni a Qingdao erano particolarmente intensi, incominciando con la medal race di Flavio ed Enrico sulla Star: buona partenza, terzi alla boa di bolina, “ultimi” alla boa di poppa ed un recupero da eroi nella prossima bolina fino al secondo posto e poi finire sul scondo posto. La medaglia non ci e stata, gli punti persi nelle prime prove pesavano troppo pero bella prestazione. Bravi!!!

Il giorno della partenza da Qingdao era anche un po particolare. Dopo che gli Chinesi del centro stampa hanno scoperto che il mio volo era solo alle 23.00 non cera mezzo per evitare la cerminonia di chiusura di Qingdao, non so come mai ma dovevo scattare delle foto a tutti costi. Non mi dispiaceva perché gli unici fotografi rimasti era Carlo Borlenghi ed io cosi l’ho fatto assieme a Carlo.
Fino qui tutto bene, hanno organizzato tutta una serie di trasporti per fare in modo che la partenza dallo stadio, caricare le borse in albergo e poi portarmi in aeroporto doveva funzionare alla perfezione. Non fu cosi, l’ultimo trasporto era in ritardo e cosi ho perso la prima volta l’aereo. Per la manager (donna) del centro stampa era un disastro si e scusata in tutti modi possibili e quasi non osava più a guardarmi dalla vergogna. Pero quello che ne e uscito dopo era geniale.

Mi sono trovato in un vero KTV Chinese (Karaoke TV) con un gruppo di volontari del centro stampa e nel fra tempo mi hanno organizzato il nuovo volo, trasporto ed albergo per la notte.
Consequnza ho giocato una specie di indianata Chinese di birra con dei dadi tutta la notte con Chinesi nel KTV dove le ragezza del centro stampa continuavano a cantare in Chinese ed io bere Qingdao birra perche chairmente gli Chinesi erano piu bravi. Ogni tre po caraciavano la canzone “I am sailing I am sailing” per fare cantare pure me.
Per fortuna la nostra costituzione sopporta meglio l’ alcool dei Chinesi cosi ce l’ho fatta a sopravvivere più o meno bene la notte.

Il giorno dopo cioè un paio di ore dopo chiaramente mi hanno accompagnato in aereoporto. Stranamente mi hanno portato dritto all check in della first class, il resto si spiega da solo, peccato che il volo e durato poco meno di 2 ore.

Domani torno a casa per un fine settimana tranquillo perché il lunedì dopo si va a St. Moritz per il match race.

Saluti da Shangahi


PS: Qui a Shanghai ho trovato un bar che si chiama “Locarno” ed ha il caffe “Chiocco d’oro” e gli spagetti carbonara sono mica male.

A bit of Chinese life

© Juerg Kaufmann - www.go4image.com
© Juerg Kaufmann - http://www.go4image.com

Since I’m here I kind of missing a bit the real Aisa, for sure Qingdao is quite different that the places I visited recently such as Laos and Burma but even in Singapore I got the real Asia feeling, but not here. So yesterday I got up at 5.30 and went in the old town of Qingdao to see what’s happening there and I found  lot of people practicing tai chi on the sea front.  It’s really impressive to see young and a bit older doing this sport together in the parks early morning and guess what the truly feeling of Asia is back.

After that still very early in the morning the taxi driver brought me up on a hill to observer the city waking up but when I was up there at 7.00 I realized that the hole city is already up (Qingdao supposed to have 8 or 9 million of habitants). As Swiss used to our size of city’s Qingdao looks endless, the city grown around all those hills and in some way it’ looks a bit like Monaco. The skyscrapers are much bigger, the sand darker and here we have at least 6 beaches almost full at 7.00 am in the morning. Maybe this explains why the why the Chinese like Qingdao.

There is another thing I want to write about: all over we can read the Olympic slogan “ One world one dream” on busses, buildings, etc. but there is one thing you don’t get if you have access to this blog, the word “on world” does not really apply for the internet, here we have quite a lot of censorship.

Most of the blog’s are blocked and not accessible from here even so the one you are just reading.

Yesterday I went to the manager of the media center here in Qingdao asking; what’s going on with the blog’s why can’t we access them?

A few minutes later I got at least 3 computer specialist trying to convince me that there must be a wrong setting on my computer and after few nice try comes the “hooooooooooo” typical expression when they don’t know what to say followed by “Sorry Sir cannot” Bottom line of the story It remains blocked but some of the IT guys showed me a way to avoid the Chinese censorship.

That’s probably China today, old traditions like the tai chi, government with strong rules hot very happy with our blog culture, and young smart people who break the rules and finding their way anyway.

Right now we are sitting in the media center, the races are postponed do to lack of wind so it’s a good time to make a selection of my favorite images of the games. Here is the link:


Una giornata importante si annuncia qui a Qingdao

Sono le 5.30 di mattina. Il sole doverebbe apparire fra non molto, ma con tutto questo grigio dubito che si veda.
Ogni tanto mi domando con tutti i bei posti al mondo siamo finiti qua a fare le Olimpiadi dove non si capisce se il grigio é smog oppure semplice nebbia.

Va beh, il nostro programma non cambia. Colazione, poi vado al centro stampa a scaricare un pò di foto. Alle 9 mi trovo con Tom Ruegge il capo del team Svizzero: dobbiamo discutere come gestire le eventuali proteste, infatti oltre al mio ruolo di fotografo ufficiale, ho il compito di “rules advisor” per il nostro team.

Alle 11.30 arriva il pulmino che ci porta ai gommoni per uscire sull’acqua. Avete letto bene: il pulmino é una specie di “golf car”, perchè qui oltre a fare un caldo incredibile c’è un’ umidità latissima. Nessuno vuole camminaree pensate a me che devo portarmi in collo 15 Kg di apparecchiature foto sulle spalle.

Il discorso sul gommone é assai divertente. Ieri avevamo un pilota che non parlava una parola di inglese. Inoltre con noi è salito un traduttore che non capisce niente di vela. Risultato: una scenetta da “mission impossible” in cui non ho potuto avvicinarmi al campo per scattare delle belle foto.

I cinesi vanno matti per i formulari. Figuratevi che persino per ricevere il panino a pranzo devo riempire un formulario. Ora potete immaginarvi cosa ho scritto sul “Feedback Form” del driver del gommone.

Oggi vado sul campo dei surf, per a vedere cosa fa il Richi e poi devo scattare anche un po di foto dei greci che sono diventati miei clienti grazie alla Sofia ed ad Andreas (Sofia e la ex. campionessa Olympica di 470)
Chissa che driver e traduttore abbiamo oggi?

Ieri ero sul campo degli Yngling. Sofia come sempre riesce a fare dei recuperi incredibili. Già a Palma nella medal race si era trovata main svantaggio e poi è riuscita ad arrivare tra i primi. Stessa cosa ieri, “go Sofia”

Ora vado a fare colazione. Ammetto sono un pò nervoso

Sorprese cinesi: l’arrivo

Certo che il viaggio per Qingdao è iniziato con un po’ di pregiudizi. Forse anche per quel che ho letto e sentito in questi giorni sui media sulla situazione in Cina e sull’effetto che le Olimpiadi potrebbero avere sul governo.

Al mio arrivo all’aeroporto di Sanghai, tra l’altro  in Business upgrade da mi fermano subito in dogana per la mia borsa foto. E qui mi sono detto: ci siamo. ”Sir you need this form, Sir we havo our rules….Sir you have to waith”. Beh non e una sopresa o mi stavo sbagliando.

L’impiegata della dogana non solo mi ha portato una bevanda fresca e  biscotti ma mi ha anche accompagnato allo  Starbucks (fuori dalla dogana) in attesa che arrivasse il fax necessario per l’importazione temporanea del mio materiale fotografico. Ma non era finita qui. Al check-in successivo, con la mia accreditation card al collo,  mi sono trovato circondato da cinesi che volevano una foto, firme etc….”sorry I’m not famous” gli ho  detta ma non ne volevano sapere.

All’arrivo a Qingdao, come ogni tanto succede, la mia valigia non era sul nastro, ma c’erano  almeno 5 persone che si sono date da fare per rintracciare il mio bagaglio promettendomi che se non l’avessero trovato mi sarebbe stato recapitato il giorno dopo al mio. Insomma qui si stanno dando da fare in tutti i modi per risolvere i problemi e rendere piacevole il nostro soggiorno.

Photoshooting with Pucci

Pucci I is a dream a class of its own, a mix between teak, class, engine and power.
As usual it was early in the morning and on top of it end of February so a bit cold when we left the harbor for the shooting of the so called “gentlemen racer”.
The magazine Swiss Boat Yachting published 5 pages plus the cover of this boat in the April edition.
But look at the images it was worth to get up early in the cold.
You want to see more about Pucci click here.

Do you like a sandwich?

Since the tour de France a la voile a lot of things happened and I think it’s time to update a bit.

Why is the title about sandwich? Keep reading and you will see.

Right after the tour having alomst every day baguette sandwiches I went to Marseille the beautiful harbor in south of France to the extreme 40 catamarans for some photo shooting, usless to say thet we had baguette sandwiches on the water.

It was the first time I traveled with the TGV, the fast train in France, and I think it’s probably more efficient as the plan, It goes over 300 Km/h…guess what, you get sandwiches on board. Unfortunately I had to leave Marseille the day of strong wind, so no real action pictures.

After Marseille the grade 1 match race in Ravenna the Trofeo Trombini as umpire.It’s every year a high light spending a few days on the Adriatic sea, specially the pasta for lunch on the water cocked on Mr. Trombini’s boat. During this days I got up early one day to enjoy the sunrise on the beach, will do more of those things in the future.

The next event was the match race Europeans in Poland Sopot, have been there already last year as umpire and as expected the organizers did a really outstanding job for this event.We sailed in front of the VIP Hospitality area which is a long pier as long as the up and downwind leg. Any idea what we got for lunch?

This year It looks like I will be over 150 days on the water and I really start to hate sandwiches.

Now I’m back home having salad and vegetable after 10 days in Palma for the copa del rey as tactician on the IMS Thomas Sabo. Was there with a few friends from Zurich eating sandwich for lunch on the boat. We did a 12th overall in the IMS class where the Spanish crews feel really at home.
The Spanish federation seemed to be so surprised with our result and we got an invitation for the IMS Worlds in September providing us also a boat, if it’s a fast boat we will go.

Palma was hot in many senses and a lot of sun, for sure the next event will be a bit cooler: St. Moritz for the Alinghi Swiss Tour final. There we will need a bit more than shorts and t-shirt and hopefully we don’t get again sandwiches on the water for lunch.