Team Alvimedica and the World Heart Health Charity


After 1 week photography for the Team Alvimedica the fact who touched me most is the motivation and the determination in their charity program.
It’s all about helping those in need. I had the chance to talk for a longer time with the Alvimedica CEO Cem Bozkurt, the amount of funds allready collected by the Team is great and what’s even more impressive is to feel his passion and hear his visons and plans to build a global competence center in Split CRO to cure heart diseas.

Our world today is so profit oriented, only short term goals matters
this leads to superficiality, this project is a long and hard walk,
thank you Alvimedica.

To find out more about their programm click here:

The charities will receive the funds raised by the team through auction of a
Pro-Am Race and Jump Seat experience. Bid for your chance to join the
team at a stopover near you!


Author: Jürg Kaufmann

Juerg Kaufmann is an experienced outdoor and people photographer with a strong passion for the sea, and the mountains. His images encompass both compelling action photos and videos in extreme locations and highly polished, stylized studio work. Whether shooting professional athletes in the studio or in action, yachts, or amazing landscapes, Juerg captures the emotions of sport in a clear distinctive style.

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