We are in the year 2014, we supposed to live in civilized world.
Are we making big steps back?
I’m sharing this video because this video need to be seen around the world.
Any crazy stunt video get’s millions of views like the one from Volvo with Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s cool but this is important.
It’s not entertaining to watch this video but you should watch it and share it.
Venezuela is only one country of many..think about Egypt, Ukraine, Libya and many more.

Spend a bit of your time and share it that’s the least we can do, they deserve it.

Author: Jürg Kaufmann

Juerg Kaufmann is an experienced outdoor and people photographer with a strong passion for the sea, and the mountains. His images encompass both compelling action photos and videos in extreme locations and highly polished, stylized studio work. Whether shooting professional athletes in the studio or in action, yachts, or amazing landscapes, Juerg captures the emotions of sport in a clear distinctive style.

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