On the waterline

Trofeo Desafio Espagnol Valencia

Last weekend I have been in Valencia for the Desafio Annual Regatta. For some a really important event such as Alinghi and Desafio, some others like BMWOracle guess not so interested in it. For me it was a great opportunity to try out a new camera system and this with nothing less as the Americas cup boats.

Since 1 year was thinking how to realize this kind of image, specially as I like to work from the water surface and with the wide angle lenses. The perspective is different and amazing, with underwater housing I can finally combine this two in to one image without damaging the camera and even go a bit under the surface.

It’s really motivating to explore and learning this technology. As sailing photographer you always take images from sailing boats, and in the mean time we did almost every possible angle and corner of the boats and this is finally something new and give us new options.

Author: Jürg Kaufmann

Juerg Kaufmann is an experienced outdoor and people photographer with a strong passion for the sea, and the mountains. His images encompass both compelling action photos and videos in extreme locations and highly polished, stylized studio work. Whether shooting professional athletes in the studio or in action, yachts, or amazing landscapes, Juerg captures the emotions of sport in a clear distinctive style.

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