A bit of Chinese life

© Juerg Kaufmann - www.go4image.com
© Juerg Kaufmann - http://www.go4image.com

Since I’m here I kind of missing a bit the real Aisa, for sure Qingdao is quite different that the places I visited recently such as Laos and Burma but even in Singapore I got the real Asia feeling, but not here. So yesterday I got up at 5.30 and went in the old town of Qingdao to see what’s happening there and I found  lot of people practicing tai chi on the sea front.  It’s really impressive to see young and a bit older doing this sport together in the parks early morning and guess what the truly feeling of Asia is back.

After that still very early in the morning the taxi driver brought me up on a hill to observer the city waking up but when I was up there at 7.00 I realized that the hole city is already up (Qingdao supposed to have 8 or 9 million of habitants). As Swiss used to our size of city’s Qingdao looks endless, the city grown around all those hills and in some way it’ looks a bit like Monaco. The skyscrapers are much bigger, the sand darker and here we have at least 6 beaches almost full at 7.00 am in the morning. Maybe this explains why the why the Chinese like Qingdao.

There is another thing I want to write about: all over we can read the Olympic slogan “ One world one dream” on busses, buildings, etc. but there is one thing you don’t get if you have access to this blog, the word “on world” does not really apply for the internet, here we have quite a lot of censorship.

Most of the blog’s are blocked and not accessible from here even so the one you are just reading.

Yesterday I went to the manager of the media center here in Qingdao asking; what’s going on with the blog’s why can’t we access them?

A few minutes later I got at least 3 computer specialist trying to convince me that there must be a wrong setting on my computer and after few nice try comes the “hooooooooooo” typical expression when they don’t know what to say followed by “Sorry Sir cannot” Bottom line of the story It remains blocked but some of the IT guys showed me a way to avoid the Chinese censorship.

That’s probably China today, old traditions like the tai chi, government with strong rules hot very happy with our blog culture, and young smart people who break the rules and finding their way anyway.

Right now we are sitting in the media center, the races are postponed do to lack of wind so it’s a good time to make a selection of my favorite images of the games. Here is the link:



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