Do you like a sandwich?

Since the tour de France a la voile a lot of things happened and I think it’s time to update a bit.

Why is the title about sandwich? Keep reading and you will see.

Right after the tour having alomst every day baguette sandwiches I went to Marseille the beautiful harbor in south of France to the extreme 40 catamarans for some photo shooting, usless to say thet we had baguette sandwiches on the water.

It was the first time I traveled with the TGV, the fast train in France, and I think it’s probably more efficient as the plan, It goes over 300 Km/h…guess what, you get sandwiches on board. Unfortunately I had to leave Marseille the day of strong wind, so no real action pictures.

After Marseille the grade 1 match race in Ravenna the Trofeo Trombini as umpire.It’s every year a high light spending a few days on the Adriatic sea, specially the pasta for lunch on the water cocked on Mr. Trombini’s boat. During this days I got up early one day to enjoy the sunrise on the beach, will do more of those things in the future.

The next event was the match race Europeans in Poland Sopot, have been there already last year as umpire and as expected the organizers did a really outstanding job for this event.We sailed in front of the VIP Hospitality area which is a long pier as long as the up and downwind leg. Any idea what we got for lunch?

This year It looks like I will be over 150 days on the water and I really start to hate sandwiches.

Now I’m back home having salad and vegetable after 10 days in Palma for the copa del rey as tactician on the IMS Thomas Sabo. Was there with a few friends from Zurich eating sandwich for lunch on the boat. We did a 12th overall in the IMS class where the Spanish crews feel really at home.
The Spanish federation seemed to be so surprised with our result and we got an invitation for the IMS Worlds in September providing us also a boat, if it’s a fast boat we will go.

Palma was hot in many senses and a lot of sun, for sure the next event will be a bit cooler: St. Moritz for the Alinghi Swiss Tour final. There we will need a bit more than shorts and t-shirt and hopefully we don’t get again sandwiches on the water for lunch.


Author: Jürg Kaufmann

Juerg Kaufmann is an experienced outdoor and people photographer with a strong passion for the sea, and the mountains. His images encompass both compelling action photos and videos in extreme locations and highly polished, stylized studio work. Whether shooting professional athletes in the studio or in action, yachts, or amazing landscapes, Juerg captures the emotions of sport in a clear distinctive style.

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