Shamrok V Spinnaker Reflection

J Class sailing yacht Shamrock V sailing in the bay of Saint Tropez
After an intense day out on the racecourse during the 2012 Voles de Saint Tropez, we were heading towards the harbor.

The sea flattened and the wind dropped, we passed by to leeward of Shamrock V on of the few J Class yachts. I saw the reflection of the spinnaker on the flat water. We stopped our boat and at the moment I pressed the shutter on my camera I know this is one of kind photo.

Shamrock V was the first British yacht to be built to the new J-Class rule. She was commissioned by Sir Thomas Lipton for his fifth America’s Cup challenge.

Limited edition of 15, Print nr. 5 is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta paper, which sets the standard for image definition and color depth. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by Jürg Kaufmann

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Shamrock sailing in the bay of Saint Tropez


During the lock-down, we felt that one of the challenges was to keep the focus on what matters and keep the balance among all this contradicting information circulating.
What matters, what do we need to read, how much should we discuss and talk about this pandemic or focus on the daily tasks.
We both believe that this applies not only for the time during the pandemic but applies every day.
Please scroll through the images below and let us inspire you.
These images are available as limited fine art prints.
The series is limited to 15 prints for each photo and two artist prints.

Link to the complete balance selection

Body Art Workshop in Zurich 13th June 2021

Would you like to photograph with Laetitia during a workshop where you can learn how to work with the light and a professional model like Laetitia.

Link to the workshop


Timeless beauty of the seas

How long will it take until we can go back to the Mediterranean and enjoy our passion for these yachts?

In the meantime, let’s dream a bit.
We were in Saint Tropez in September 2019. The world was “normal,” nobody expected anything to happen after a beautiful day out on the sea on the way back in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.
The light is fantastic; everybody was relaxed, even the crews on the boats, a magic moment.

J Class Yacht Velsheda in Saint Tropez

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Who is Velshed and here story:
Designed by Charles Nicholson and built by Camper & Nicholson in 1933 for Mr W.L. Stephenson, Owner of Woolworth chain of shops, she was built in 1933 at Gosport. She was Nicholson’s second design for a J Class and Stephenson’s second big yacht. “Velsheda” was named after Stephenson’s three daughters, Velma, Sheila and Daphne. Stephenson never planned to compete for the America’s Cup but rather her raced with the greatest names in classic yachting including “Britannia”, “Endeavour” and “Shamrock” between 1933 and 1936.In her second season she won more than 40 races and achieved an outstanding record of success at Regattas from Southend to Dartmouth. Other venues included Torbay, Swanage and the Solent, all under the famous Captain Mountifield.In her day – around the late 1930’s, she represented the most advanced technical design for spars, rigging, sails, deck gear and ropes. Her masts were aluminum, made by bending plates and riveting them together. Sails were made from the new Terylene threads and deck gear now included winches for easier handling of sheets. The standing rigging in the 30s was solid rod.Below decks accommodation was limited to just the main saloon, owners quarters aft, and storage for sails and equipment forward.By 1937 she was laid up in a mud berth on the Hamble and became derelict. Many sailors remember visiting her – one recalls sailing in the annual Warming Pan race at Hamble River Sailing Club, and all the visiting crew being taken up the river to their overnight accommodation – Velsheda!This unique yacht was rescued in 1984 by Terry Brabant, who economically refitted her for charter work with a new steel mast and limited interior. Still without an engine she sailed regularly along the UK South Coast on charter and occasionally ventured to the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

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Body Art Workshop 13. June in Zurich

Body Art Photo Workshop with a world-class body art model (Laetitia Bouffard, Playmate & Cirque du Soleil acrobat) and photographer (Juerg Kaufmann) in a well-equipped photo studio in Zurich.

For ambitious photographers who would like to take high-quality body fine art pictures in a studio with professional support and a professional model.

The workshop is divided into two modules.
Introduction to the studio with studio flash light, various light shapers
Work with professional studio flash, light shapers and their properties and possible uses
With a large ostrich egg, we explain lighting and the effect of light, shadow, contrast, etc.
Effect of large, small light sources and influence of the position and distance to the photographing object
Each participant can take photograph each lighting concepts with his camera
Shooting with a professional fine art nude art model
Together we set up 4 lighting concepts/compositions and photograph them in cooperation with the model

Photographer & workshop leader
Jürg Kaufmann will guide you through the day and shares his extensive knowledge with simple, clear examples
Jürg Kaufmann’s website

Our model is Laetitia Bouffard, professional international ballet dancer, Cirque du Soleil acrobat, yoga teacher and 2020 playmate.
Instagram by Laetitia Bouffard

Number of participants
The number of participants is deliberately limited to 5 photographers, we want to give everyone the chance to take their own picture of each set and to understand the lighting concept

Place, date & time
The workshop will take place in Jürg Kaufmann’s professional studio in Zurich.
Date 13. June 2021 Start 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. including a short lunch break

Morning: German / English
Afternoon: with the model english
490 CHF including small meals for lunch
Book your place with Ticketino

Our goal is to give ambitious photographers a unique chance to shoot with a world-class nude fine art model.
Each participant has to sign an agreement at the beginning which regulates the use of the pictures, further he / she agrees that only the pictures approved by the model will leave the workshop and be published.
The images may not be used commercially.

Träume immer noch vom Reisen

Bleiben wir noch ein wenig in Asien, inzwischen hat sich das Jahr in China geändert. Wir befinden uns jetzt im Jahr des Ochsen. Leider habe ich kein Bild von einem Ochsen aus China, aber ein gutes Bild von einem Jack in Tibet.
Die Geschichte ist ein bisschen lang, ich musste/durfte viel über die Jacks lernen, bis ich endlich ein solches Bild machen konnte.

Tibet: Jack heard leader Photo ©JUERGKAUFMANN.COM All rights reserved

Unsere tibetischen Freunde meinten einfach, du riechst wie ein Tourist, trink jeden Tag eine Tasse Jack-Buttertee und du wirst das ohne Gefar überleben, den die Herdenführer sind eine Mischung aus wilden Jacks und zame Jacks und diese sind agressiver als unsere Rinder. Für einen Touristen wie mich ist das nicht gerade ein Vergnügen, aber es hat funktioniert “in der zweiten Woche..”.

Vielleicht denkt jetzt jemand, warum schreibt er über Tibet und bringt es mit dem chinesischen Neujahr in Verbindung. Das könnte eine abendfüllende Diskussion werden.

Hoffe wir können bald wieder Events organisren, Tiber mit den Bilder gibt einen schönen Abend.

3’500 km durch Tibet hinterlassen einige wertvolle Erfahrungen, auch solche, die man hier in den Medien nicht liest.

Tibet: Driving on the plateau Photo ©JUERGKAUFMANN.COM All rights reserved

Sonnenaufgang im Zanda Clay Forest / Tonwald, im Hintergrund Himalya Gebirge. ca. 1’500 Km Entfehrntvon Lhasa.
Der Zanda-Tonwald befindet sich im Kreis Zanda, Ngari in Tibet. Es ist der typischste Lehmwald, der durch die Verwitterung tertiärer Schichten entstanden ist und mit einer Gesamtfläche von 2.464 Quadratkilometern das größte Verbreitungsgebiet der Welt.

English Version

Still dreaming of travel

Let’s stay a little bit in Asia, meanwhile the year has changed in China. We are now in the year of the ox. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of an ox from China, but I have a good picture of a Jack in Tibet.
The story is a little bit long, I had to/ had to learn a lot about the Jacks until I finally could take such a picture.

Our Tibetan friends simply said, you smell like a tourist, drink a cup of Jack butter tea every day and you will survive this without Gefar, because the herd leaders are a mixture of wild Jacks and zame Jacks and these are more aggressive than our cattle. For a tourist like me this is not exactly a pleasure, but it worked “the second week…”.

Now maybe someone is thinking why is he writing about Tibet and associating it with Chinese New Year. This could be a full-length discussion.

Hope we can organize events again soon, Tiber with the pictures gives a nice evening.

3’500 km through Tibet leave some valuable experiences, even those that you do not read here in the media.

Cover picture
Sunrise in Zanda Clay Forest, in the background Himalya Mountains. About 1’500 km from Lhasa.
The Zanda Clay Forest is located in Zanda County, Ngari in Tibet. It is the most typical clay forest formed by the weathering of tertiary strata and with a total area of 2,464 square kilometers, it is the largest distribution area in the world.

Vermisse die Reisen

Es ist Sonntagmorgen und es regnet, nicht der gewünschte Sonntag für einen Vielreisenden, der jetzt zu Hause im Grau sitzt.

Ich vermisse das Reisen, gestern hat mich das Fernweh wie so ziemlich einmal pro Woche gepackt und ich träumte eine Zeit lang von meinen Reisen / Fotoprojekten in Asien.

In den letzten Jahren durfte ich China ein wenig kennenlernen, dank einiger spannender Projekte mit chinesischen Firmen und sehr guten Freunden in China selbst. China ein wenig heisst 10 Jahre, aber da das Land so unvorstellbar gross und vielfältig ist, passt “ein wenig” genau.

War gerade im Kaficarl in Küsnacht, um meinen sonntäglichen Take Away Cappucino zu holen.

Scheinbar bin ich nicht der einzige, der das Reisen vermisst, deshalb zeige ich Ihnen einige Bilder von einer meinen vielen Asienreisen.

Fangen wir an mit Hongkong, es wäre schön, wenn Sie von nun an öfters hierher kommen würden. Nehme Sie weiter auch mit nach Sanya, eine Insel im Südchinesischen Meer, ein Paradies so schön wie die karibischen Inseln. Ich zeige und erzähle Ihnen auch von den 2’000 km quer durch Tibet. Burma Myanmar, Singapur, Laos, wird werden sehen wie weit wir gehen.

Mehr Informationen zu diesem Bild

Wann immer es ging versuchte ich in Kowloon zu übernachten im Eaton Hotel.

Mitten drin im alten Hong Kong in der Nähe gibt es ein Tempel und der berümte Fischmark von Mong Kok.

Der erste morgen in Hong Kong fange ich immer sehr früh an ca. 5 Uhr, der Jetlag hilft sehr. Um diee Zeit fängt da auch das leben an und man hat die Chance die echten Hong Kong’er zu beobachten.

Nach ein paar Aufnahmen gab es jedes mal Morning Tea und frische Dim Sum.

Ein anderes Highlight am Morgen früh ist der Chai Tee vom Pakistaner im Quartier, leider habe ich aber kein Bild davon….schade.

#metoo Well done Sofia

Wir alle kennen den #metoo-Hashtag, ich dachte bisher, er sei nur außerhalb meines Freundeskreises, mit der Corona-Pandemie geriet er sogar ein wenig in Vergessenheit.

Gerade in dieser Zeit outet sich die griechische Olympiasiegerin Sofia Bekatorou über ihr eigenes Schicksal und geht mit einer Erfahrung an die Öffentlichkeit, die sie seit über 20 Jahren mit sich herumträgt.
Es gehört viel Mut dazu, in der Sportwelt gegen einen mächtigen Verband und olympische Funktionäre zu kämpfen.

Ich arbeite seit über 10 Jahren eng mit Sofia zusammen, sie kämpft wie eine Löwin, wenn sie etwas erreichen will, bleibt dabei aber immer sehr freundlich und einfühlsam.
Bescheidenheit ist eine iherer wichtigsten Tugenden, welche sie sehr gut beschreibt, die erste griechische Fahnenträgerin. Das habe ich selbst in Rio bei den Olympischen Sommerspielen 2016 mit erleben.

Der Kampf gegen die mächtigen Funktionäre des griechischen Olympischen Komitees ist noch nicht zu Ende, das ist erst der Anfang, aber Dank dem Mut der Sofia diskutiert nun die griechische Regierung in den kommenden Tagen über die Aufhebung der Verjährung von Sexualstraftaten. Das wird den Weg für viele weitere Fälle öffnen.

BBC Artikel

CNN Artikel

NY Times Artikel

Viel Glück und Bravo Sofia

Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil Rio de Janeiro August 2016, Opening Ceremony Photo Juerg Kaufmann


We all know the #metoo hashtag, I used to think it only happened outside my circle of friends, with the Corona pandemic it even fell into oblivion a bit.

Just at this time, Greek Olympic champion Sofia Bekatorou is coming out of the closet about her own fate, going public with an experience she’s been carrying around for over 20 years.
It takes a lot of courage to fight in the sports world against a powerful federation and Olympic officials.

I have worked closely with Sofia for over 10 years, she fights like a lioness when she wants to achieve something, but always remains very friendly and caring.
Humility is one of the words that describe her very well, the first Greek flag bearer. I was able to experience this myself in Rio at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The fight against the powerful officials of the Greek Olympic Committee is not over, this is just the beginning, but thanks to the courage of Sofia, the Greek government is discussing in the coming days to lift the statute of limitations for sexual offenses. This will open the way for many more cases.

Well done courageous Sofia

China Qindao Sailing Olympic Games 2008, Medalrace Yngling Photo Juerg Kaufmann
China Qindao Sailing Olympic Games 2008, Price giving Yngling Photo Juerg Kaufmann

Ein Pyramide in the Alpen

Erkennen Sie diesen Berg?
Wussten Sie, dass wir eine Pyramide in den Alpen haben?

Es ist einer der bekanntesten Berge weltweit, nur der Winkel ist nicht sehr bekannt.
Warum eigentlich? Man muss bis zu 3’800m hochklettern, um diese Aussicht zu bekommen.

Es ist das Matterhorn, von hinten, nachdem man von der Tête Blanche den Stöcki-Gletscher hinaufgestiegen ist. Habe dieses Foto 2012 aufgenommen, und aus irgendeinem Grund habe ich es nicht als einen der Favoriten ausgewählt.

Letzte Woche war ich auf der Suche nach einem Bild. Ich habe mich sofort gefragt, warum dieses Foto nicht oben im Portfolio und in der Fine Art Auswahl ist.

Geniessen Sie es !

Do you recognize this mountain?
Did you know that we have a pyramid in the Alps?

It’s one of the most well-known mountains globally; just the angle is not very known.
Why? You have to climb up to 3’800m to get this view.

It’s the Matterhorn, from behind after climbing up the Stöcki glacier from the Tête Blanche. I took this photo some time ago, and for some reason, I didn’t select it as one of the favorites. Last week I was searching for a picture. I immediately asked myself how this photo is not up in the portfolio and the limited edition selection.

Enjoy it.

#rethinking: Gespräch mit Dr. Franzi Glueer von der ETH Zürich über den Aletsch Gletscher

Dieser Artikel ist Teil des Gletscher Projekt

English version

Am Großen Aletschgletscher ist das Zusammenspiel von Gletschereis und Felsstabilität zu sehen – und wie schnell dieses Gleichgewicht aus dem Lot gerät.

Dr. Franzi Glueer ETH Zürich

Wer bist du und was machst du in der Aletsch-Region?

Ich bin Ingenieurgeologin beim Schweizerischen Erdbebendienst und forsche an Hangrutschen und Felsstürzen im alpinen Raum. Am Grossen Aletschgletscher habe ich 5 Jahre lang die Felshänge im Bereich der Gletscherzunge vermessen und konnte die Entwicklung eines langsamen tiefgreifenden Hangrutsches zu einer rasanten Massenbewegung verfolgen.

Wie bist Du zu diesem Projekt gekommen?
Ich habe an Hangrutschen in Patagonien geforscht und dabei Prof. Simon Löw von der ETH (Ingenieurgeologie) kennen gelernt. Nachdem ich einige Jahre im Ingenieurbüro geschafft hab, hat mich das Aletschprojekt dann in die Forschung an die ETH gezogen.

Wie lange bist Du nun schon in der Aletsch Region am Messen & Forschen?
2013 haben wir dort die erste Totalstation zur Überwachung von Spiegeln in den Felswänden aufgebaut. Meine Forschungsarbeit über das dort installierte Messsystem und die grosse Hangrutschung von Moosfluh konnte ich im 2018 abschliessen. Seitdem arbeite ich beim Schweizerischen Erdbebendienst und forsche auch an anderen Hangrutschen in der Schweiz. Zur Moosfluh komme ich aber immer wieder.

Was sind die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse aus deiner Forschungsarbeit am Aletsch Gletscher?
Ich hatte das grosse Privileg mit meinem Team von Ingenieurgeologen der ETH Zürich, die Entwicklung eines Hanges von einer langsamen zu einer sich rasant beschleunigenden Massenbewegung zu beobachten und zwar von Anfang an, da wir zu einer Zeit unsere Sensoren installierten, als die Moosfluh noch kein grosses Thema war. Dass die fehlende Last des Gletschereises auf den Hangfuss eine Massenbewegung aktivieren kann, war hier mehr als deutlich. Auch, dass der mit der Gletscherschmelze sinkende Grundwasserspiegel im Hang einen grossen Einfluss auf die Bewegungsraten hat. Des Weiteren habe ich am Mechanismus der Hangbewegung Moosfluh geforscht und ein System entwickelt, wie man anhand von gemessenen Bewegungen an der Oberfläche auf den Mechanismus in der Tiefe schliessen kann.

Wie motivierst Du die so lange über diese Thema zu forschen?
Für mich ist der ganze Bereich der Naturgefahren irgendwie eine Herzensangelegenheit, und am Aletsch gibt es noch so viel zu erforschen, da könnte ich noch lange dran bleiben.

Was können wir Menschen aus Deiner Sicht verändern um den Klimawandel zu bremsen?
Ich forsche ja mehr an den Auswirkungen, die durch ein sich veränderndes Klima entstehen. Momentan habe ich die Möglichkeit noch viele andere Hangrutsche und Felsstürze zu untersuchen. Da wird einem schnell klar, wie verletzlich man ist im Vergleich zu den Kräften, die in einem solchen Hang frei werden. Dieser Respekt vor der Natur lässt einen aufhorchen und handeln. Ob das nun umweltfreundlicher Reisen ist oder ein verändertes Konsumverhalten, es gibt vielfältige Lösungen um die eigenen Treibhausgasemissionen zu vermindern und damit etwas gegen die Erderwärmung zu unternehmen.

Mehr über Franzi Gluer

Beginne das neue Jahr mit Balance

Er hat es wieder getan
Skateboard-Bauer und Holzmeister Christoph hat nach monatelangem Testen und Tüfteln das neue Top Indiana Balance Board vorgestellt.

Ein einzigartiges Stück Holzkunst, mit dem er die Messlatte in dieser neuen Trendsportart sehr hoch legt.
Über die Feiertage durfte ich die neuen Produktbilder und ein Action-Shooting mit Elia Colombo, einem unserer Schweizer Top-Foiler und Balance-Meister, machen.

Seit ein paar Tagen habe ich nun so ein Board zu Hause und das alte Gefühl vom Skateboarden, Surfen kommt langsam zurück, meine Balance hat sich in einer Woche vile verbessert und ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich den ganzen Körper inklusive Rückenmuskulatur nebenbei trainiere.

Da die Produktion noch nicht ganz läuft, ist der Verkauf / Handel auf einige wenige Läden beschränkt, wer auch ein Board haben möchte, kann es auf meiner Website bestellen.

Christop Peller, Skateboard Bauer und kreativer Holzmeister.

SUI 2000 – 2020 Buch

Das Kultbuch über 20 Jahre Schweizer Segelsport seit 2000 im reich bebilderten Grossformat, realisiert vom Skippers und von Christian Scherrer und Jürg Kaufmann signiert. Limitierte Auflage von 20 Bücher.

Ein unverzichtbares Sammelwerk für alle Schweizer Segelbegeisterten. Gestaltet und verfasst wird das in 20 Themenbereiche gegliederte Buch von Fachleuten, die diese ebenso dynamische wie intensive Zeit selbst miterlebt haben und aus eigener Erfahrung über die Erfolge der Schweizer Regatteure, die Rolle der Schweiz in der internationalen Segelszene sowie über die Besonderheiten der Schweizer Akteure und Seen berichten können.

Bestellung: CHF/Buch : 100.-

Inhalte / Kapitel

  • Das Alinghi-Epos
  • Segeln in den Alpen
  • Traditionsjachten
  • Triumph der Mehrrümpfer
  • Temporausch im Segelsport
  • Nationale Regattatouren und grosse Regatten
  • Von Schweizern entworfene Boote
  • Hochseeabenteuer unserer Segler
  • Die Olympischen Spiele
  • Erfolgreiche Optimist-Klasse
  • 20 Schweizer Persönlichkeiten
  • Alle Schweizermeister auf einen Blick
  • Nautische Institutionen
  • Internationale Drehscheibe Schweiz

240 Seiten Texte und mehr als 1000 grossformatigen Bilder.

Bestellung: CHF/Buch : 100.-

Faszination Segeln

Marc Knöpfel neuer Präsident Swiss Sailing

Gratuliere Swiss Sailing “Presidente”

War ein sehr unterhaltsames und intensives Photoshooting mit Dir.

Wünsche Dir und Deinem Team viel Erfolg.

Freue mich darauf “FASZINATION SEGELN” mit starken Bilder zu unterstüzen.

Mehr Bilder zu diesem Shooting

Inside Carbo-Link

Automated Filament Winding, Tape Laying & Consolidation machine.

When I first saw Carbo-Link’s tension members used on America’s Cup boats I immediately thought; how do they design and build these parts?
Later I learned that this is a Swiss invention from an engineering and manufacturing company based just outside of Zurich. Normally it’s very difficult, almost impossible, to get an inside view of such a high-tech company given the secrecy and confidentiality of their processes.
However, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Carbo-Link as they needed high-res product photos of their composite solutions and crisp, clean photos of the Aerospace & Defence certified factory. What a dream … It was great to explore the brand personality and to explore how best to portray the high-tech, Swiss made feel into the photographs. All services were carried out in strictest confidence, this is a very important part of my work approach with all clients.

Wally Cento ‘Galateia’. Featuring Carbo-Link’s elliptical, round and hybrid rigging cables.
Emirates Team New Zealand, Winner of the 35th Cup, Bermuda. Featuring Carbo-Link wing & platform rigging.

The loads introduced to these cables in sailing yachts can be enormous, ranging anywhere from 1ton to 300tons on the largest 80m – 90m superyachts. That is before we even look at crane pendants lifting the largest offshore oil rig components or the dynamic loads on composite helicopter blades, all of which are also engineered and manufactured by Carbo-Link.
I felt like a kid in a candy store having the chance to photograph their state-of-the-art solutions in the studio and inside the factory. It was a privilege to experience the Aerospace Certified factory, and to be involved in some of the working processes, to really capture the quality and knowledge found within Carbo-Link.

The composite solutions are perfect for photography with my unique #velvetlight. A light soft enough to reflect so smoothly on a shiny surface, resulting in beautiful images revealing all the smallest details of a structure and its high-quality finish.

Spherical Bearing Termination
Lashing Termination

Carbo-Link’s solutions feature Aerospace grade Titanium terminations, all of which are machined in-house with the most up to date 5-axis CNC machines and highly skilled technicians. I really enjoyed capturing these terminations close-up to show the intricate details and surface finishing.

Lashing Termination
CL TORQUE Pin Termination

Production floor – where science becomes reality. All of Carbo-Link’s machines are designed and build in-house to optimise the production processes.

Automated Filament Winding, Tape Laying & Consolidation machine. (with screen in foreground)

State-of-the-art 5 axis CNC machines.

5-axis CNC machines, laser cutters, FARO 3D measurement arm and more
Large bed and multi-head 5-axis CNC machine for quality machining of oversized parts.

Links and information about this project:

More photos:

Carbo-Link webpage:

Reference from Carbo-Link:
‘Juerg was a pleasure to work with. He has a very artistic eye and creatively approached both the product and factory photos to bring things to life perfectly. We look forward to working with Jürg again on a number of location-based projects in the near future.’
James Wilkinson


Dieses Bild trage ich schon seit vielen Jahren im meinem Kopf herum. Jedesmal, wenn ich von Zürich nach Bern reise und hinunter Richtung Bärengraben fahre, denke ich mir, wie schön “Bärn” in die Natur passt.⁠

Heute am frühen Morgen war der perfekte Tag, um dieses Bild endlich  zu fotografieren, einen Sommermorgen mit blauem Himmel, alle Bäume sind noch saftig grün und wir sehen beide Seiten der Aare.⁠

Das Bild ist in verschiedenen Grössen, Kaschierung und Rahmen erhältlich.


WOOD & WATCH for IWC Schaffhausen in cooperation with Boesch Boats

Photographing wooden boats it’s something I have been doing for many years, a timepiece was a new challenge.

Last year I started quietly in my studio working with light and watches, countless nights, and hours trying hard to manage the conflict of light, reflections, and shadows. As more as you discover you realize there is so much more to explore and to learn. It’s as fascinating and as complex to photograph boats. A high level of detail mastering light and endless styling possibilities. Who would have thought that this big-time investment of last year will be very helpful in the middle of the current COVID crisis?

The Schaffhausen-based watch manufacturer IWC, which has been in partnership with the Boesch boat builder known for his classic mahogany since 2008, is joining in the celebration of Bösch’s 100th anniversary. The occasion is being commemorated with the “Century Edition” anniversary boat, along with the Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Boesch”.

Link to the complete series:

Now I’m looking forward to the next challenging photo project with sophisticated light requirements.

Body Art Photo Workshop

Body Art Photo Workshop with a world-class body art model (Laetitia Bouffard, 2020 Playmate & Cirque du Soleil acrobat) and photographer (Juerg Kaufmann) in a well-equipped photo studio in Zurich.

For ambitious photographers who would like to take high-quality body fine art pictures in a studio with professional support and a professional model.

The workshop is divided into two modules.
Introduction to the studio with studio flash light, various light shapers
Work with professional studio flash, light shapers and their properties and possible uses
With a large ostrich egg, we explain lighting and the effect of light, shadow, contrast, etc.
Effect of large, small light sources and influence of the position and distance to the photographing object
Each participant can take photograph each lighting concepts with his camera
Shooting with a professional fine art nude art model
Together we set up 4 lighting concepts/compositions and photograph them in cooperation with the model

Photographer & workshop leader
Jürg Kaufmann will guide you through the day and shares his extensive knowledge with simple, clear examples
Jürg Kaufmann’s website

Our model is Laetitia Bouffard, professional international ballet dancer, Cirque du Soleil acrobat, yoga teacher and 2020 playmate.
Instagram by Laetitia Bouffard

Number of participants
The number of participants is deliberately limited to 5 photographers, we want to give everyone the chance to take their own picture of each set and to understand the lighting concept

Place, date & time
The workshop will take place in Jürg Kaufmann’s professional studio in Zurich.
Date 12 July 2020 Start 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. including a short lunch break

Morning: German / English
Afternoon: with the model english
450 CHF including small meals for lunch
Book your place with Ticketino

Our goal is to give ambitious photographers a unique chance to shoot with a world-class nude fine art model.
Each participant has to sign an agreement at the beginning which regulates the use of the pictures, further he / she agrees that only the pictures approved by the model will leave the workshop and be published.
The images may not be used commercially.

Art inspires and motivates

Art inspires, art motivates, We need art to remind us that life is worth living there is a life, a family, friendship and also an economy after the coronavirus.

In the last two weeks, I read so many articles and news about this virus. Somehow I struggle to accept the fact that we slow down the global economy because for something we are not sure but think it will be bad. Sweden is on a different strategy, will be interesting to see the results of it. We need more testing, but we s still think the real numbers of the infected person is ten times higher, but if they are ten times higher than the virus is not so lethal, etc.

By reading the statistics of the previous flues I see that Germany had 25’000 death in the 2017-2018 winter and the US had over 65’000 death. I’m confused, would like to argue but I can’t change the politics I can’t change the fact that we are all living hidden in our apartments in slow motion. I think by now we all heard all the different theories and arguments.

Yesterday I got a call from China, China is closing down again the movie theatre’s, KTV’s etc.

This morning a friend from Italy called me, he got a phone call from the hospital, his mother is not well, the fever is high up and he can go and see here any more. He told me with a firm voice once she dies they will put here in a spacial bag and cremate here.

For a few seconds, I thought about the photos of the army tracks in front of a hospital in Italy. 

I feel sorry, really sorry deeply sorry. we spoke about the family dinner we had last time all together in an Italian restaurant eating “fritto misto” mixed seafood. But we also realized this dinner is already many years in the past.

I’m not sure how many more of these calls we all will get in the coming weeks, sincerely hope not too many, hope not a single one.

For me, it’s time to make a jump if I could I would like to jump in the future with the same elegance Laetitia did it during the shooting.

Every time I look at this photo it motivates me to move on, leave the old world behind. Ok, I agree we can’t leave the corona-virus behind, not yet. But we can start to plan and organize for the post virus time.

Maybe I see the glass a bit more than half full but it’s time to move on.

Before we finish..there is one more thing:

The power of imagination is to enable us to see an alternative future where reason sees none.

I wish you a good week and plenty of energy and maybe this photo can motivate you to jump in the future.

From now on you can find this photo on Saatchi Art.


Photographer: @juergkaufmann

Ballet dancer: Laetitia Bouffard

Limitted fine art prints

Body Art Photo Workshop

Guess it’s about time for two confessions, don’t worry nothing really bad.

Last week I promised you that I will finish the big wave photos from Nazaré, I agree the photo above doesn’t look like a big wave photo, will probably take a few more days.
Body Art Photo workshop, how comes..?
Since quite some time, over a two years I started to shoot more and more with women. All this started with a pregnancy photo of a friend and guess what, we did really well on a international contest.
So step by step this style and photos evolved, until one day I got a call from a Cirque du soleil acrobat although I haven’t really published or disclosed to many of this photos.
Here name is Laetitia and you will see many more photos of her in the future.
She proposed that we should shoot together, I’m not in here league I thought and told here.

In the mean time we had more then one shooting, and since a few weeks we call this project ( Right before end of last year we run a private nude art photo workshop with two very ambitious photographers who really loved that day.

Why don’t we give a chance to more ambitious photographers to shoot with such an amazing model. Laetitia in the mean time got even published on the Spanish playboy magazine.

So here here we are on March 22nd we will run our first workshop. It’s a Sunday and we simply want to give 5 photographers the chance to shoot with us.
The workshop is divided in two parts:

We look at the studio light, light shaper, soft boxes etc and see how we can modify the light and play with it.
All photographers learn the using light with an egg, we organize an big ostrich egg, already did some test with it. It’s really great how you can play with shadows gradients etc.

In the afternoon Laetitia will join us and we will set up 4 or 5 different sets/compositions and shoot with here.

I’m really looking forward for to this day, hope you will join us.
Click on the link below to read more about this workshop and book your place.

Body Art Photo Workshop in Zurich 22. March 2020

Big Waves in Nazaré

Nun bin ich zurück in Zürich, die paar Tage in Nazaré waren sehr Eindrücklich. Die Wucht und Kraft dieser grossen Wellen überrascht mich jedesmal, genau diese rohe Naturgewalt zeigt uns wie klein und verletzlich wir Meschen eigentlich sind.

Im Momenet habe ich ein paar Bilder auf den Social Media Paltformen gezeigt, es wir aber noch ein paar Tage dauern um eine richtig starke Auswahl dieser Bilder zu treffen.
Wie sehr oft reise ich an ein Shooting und jedesmal gibt es eindrückliche Bilder. Je nach Betrachtung finde ich meine Favoriten und jedsmal gibt es ein paar Bilder welche herausstechen und mich überraschen.

Als Segler weiss ich wie gross die Möwen am Atlantik sind, richtig grosse Vögel, und trotzdem wirkt diese Möwe auf dem Bild klein und verletzlich.

Noch ein Punkt dazu: wir Menschen lernen mit der Natur umzugehen, die Big Wave surfer beherrschen das und sind richtige Stars geworden, aber keiner fliget einfach so über die explodierenden Wellen wie die Möwen.

Big Waves Project

Big waves have many similarities with my other outdoor project, the unleashed natural forces are simply fascinating.
The glaciers move slowly but unstoppable trough the valleys and the waves roll over the water and we have no chance to stop or alter their course in any way.

Both natural forces are a strong source of inspiration and show me every day the vulnerability of the balance of our natural habitat. The glaciers are melting more and more with the climate change and the storms are are getting more frequent.

In the next days I’m traveling back to Nazaré the home of big waves. A new and strong storm system is approaching the Atlantic coast, this system will last for 3-4 days. I’m really looking forward to see and photograph this natural forces.

Click on the images to see more:


Every few days a good photo, no junk food.

We look at hundreds of photos every day. Within a split second, we decide if we like it and then we are off to the next task or thought.

Rio de Janeiro Brasil, Corcovado Sunrise from the Corcovado

Photos became junk food, but what really matters is the slow-food, the one we enjoy and try to get feel all the flavors. Maybe also understand what was the cook thinking when he composed the menu, what inspired him. 

I will try to choose every few days a photo and publish it in my linked in account with the tag #mademyday. It can be a photo which I like just because it makes me happy, it can also be a photo which make me think or just a photo to talk about an good story.

Good story, yes there is a story behind the Sunrise over the Guanabara bay in Rio. Took this photo in 2015 right after the Olympic test event.

We tried for months to get the permission to shoot the sunrise from the Corcovado. It looked like a mission impossible. Below the Corcovado is a big favela and as a gringo like me you don’t even think to go up there alone by yourselves as you would do in the Swiss mountains. Way to dangerous.

Shortly before I was about to flying back home I met a group of managers involved with the organization of the Rio 2016 Olympic games. And guess what, a few phone calls and I could choose the day when to go up there.

A entire well armed escort team drove me up there. They picked me up at 4am in the morning in front of the apartment I rented in Gloria an area in Rio de Janeiro.

At 7:30am when the city started to wake up again we where all back in Gloria having a coffee in one of the bars in Rio de Janeiro. The guest where looking a bit strange. What is this gringo/foreigner doing with armed police officers in a bar so early. They had no idea what we saw that morning.

This photo for sure #mademyday, enjoy it, I hope it also makes your day.

The photo part of the Illuminati series, together with images from Hong Kong, Manhattan, Mounth Kailash in Tibet and a few more.


#photos #inspiration #motivation #outdoors #compelling #fineart #skyline #kailash

Black Beauty and Velvet Light

Click here to read more about the velvet light and to see the full 4K Video

The Custom bike came fresh, clean from Harley Heaven Zurich. One of a kind bike, each element is carefully chosen and assembled with a unique handcraft.


For months I was searching and testing a new light, a soft light endless nights in the studio until the light turned out to be soft enough to reflect so smoothly on a shiny surface like a mat surface.

Harely Nr 2 Test 25-Edit

The goal was to shoot the entire bike with this soft light. The tank turned out fantastic, same for the rest of the dark details, just the chromatic parts of the motor didn’t want to appear matt. After a few nights more even the shiny motor parts received this velvet look with the new soft light.

Harely Nr 2 Test 57

A Moment with Shirley Robertson

JK_Shirley_2018_12_5686_CO copy

Shirley, in my view, is an exception. I always ask myself who that person is, what makes her different and capable of winning two Olympic Gold medals in a row?

I know there are plenty of athletes who have more than two gold medals, but in my view sailing is unique as the complexity of this sport is superior than in many other Olympic disciplines.

The world today is superficial. I see the tendency of running after the quick win, the low hanging fruits. Competing and winning two Olympic Gold medals requires the complete opposite, long term commitment, dedication, the energy to get up again and again after a defeat, isn’t that incredibly inspiring?

Will I be able to see and experience this during the shooting with here?

The portrait project with Shirley was not a short one. We have been talking about it since months; soon we realized we need many different photos, we need a series of images, each of them for a different purpose. It clearly would take a day to get this done.

It would be an intense day, and at the same time, I felt the weight on my shoulders: responsibility and a privilege. I cannot only spend a day working with her, ultimately what I see through my lens is what the people, who do not have the chance to meet here in person, will see of her.


We all know the expression: A picture says more than a 1’000 words…So let’s get this x-thousand words right.

At the end of the project, we selected 20 different photos, each showing Shirley with here many facets, each with a different message.

It turned out to be an intense day, a potpourri of colors, ideas, a combination of clothes, expressions, lights, coffee breaks and much more. It’s tough to stay focused for so long in front of the camera, but she did it, and how she did, was terrific.

Not only is she a good sailor, but no wonder why she works at CNN, BBC and much more. One set after the other, she always came back on the set with outstanding positive energy, motivation, and commitment.

Even more, we could guide each other, she trusted me, and then we executed those ideas one by one, until the end of a long and intense day.

Is that one of the secrets and reasons why she can win two gold medals in a row? Did I had the chance to experience what makes the difference of losing or winning? Probably yes!

I have not experienced this with many people such a persistent focus and commitment over a long time in front of the camera.

Thank you, Shirley, it was more than a moment, it was a precious time with you and your partner Tim.

Look at the photos with this link.

A few days after the shooting I got an email from Shirley:

I know I have said it ten times already – but I’m chuffed with the images, they show oodles of personality.”


You just need to be in the right place at the right moment

Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves
Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves, November 2018

You just need to be in the right place at the right moment.

Some time ago during a meeting with an agency, we talked about photos of big waves and how to produce them. With CGI, “computer generates image” you can create one within a week or two, assuming that you find the right team capable of doing it.

Shooting this kind of waves turned out a bit more complicated. I heard about Nazaré a peaceful, quiet fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. They have big waves, actually famous for it. Since that day started to follow the weather, tide and wave forecast of Nazaré.
In the winter time you get almost every week 5-7 meter high waves, but very seldom you get 20 meters or move waves. It took me nearly 2 years to get the chance for such a wave.

There is a detail in this photo, who at first sight doesn’t look so obvious.
Look at the spray over the wave. It’s a perfect Fibonacci curve. The natural beauty defined by the mathematical formula which also has a lot in common with the golden ratio.

Here is the tricky question. What does it take to get this spray and big waves?
The wind must come from the opposite side of the wave. 90% of the time the wind pushes the water for miles on the open sea and when the wave comes closer to shore the build up. That’s the difference. The wind is coming from the opposite side.

When I saw that fact in the weather forecast, I knew its time to book the flight to Lissabon and a rental car which brings me to Nazaré. It took two years from that meeting in the agency until the day I booked the trip.

The evening when I finally got to Nazaré in complete darkness I drove down to the lighthouse, no moon no light. Whatever scary movie you imagine, there is nothing so impressive as the rumbling of the waves against the cliffs right below the Nazare Lighthouse.

The next morning with the first light I was back on these rocks, this time with my camera and a full set of lenses.

Please let me say this, as I heard that so many times:
You just need to be in the right place at the right moment.
Think about what it takes to be at the right place and the right moment?

The next morning during breakfast in the hotel, the lady serving the coffee looked at me and said; you got the right day, today the waves are not big anymore.

It’s over a year ago and I still checking every week the forecast of Nazaré, hoping to get one more chance to shoot this kind of big waves.

Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves
Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves, November 2018

Sport & Beauty Photography

For the past couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a very special world class athlete – Priscilla Leimbacher. Priscilla is one of the world top five bikini fitness athletes.
Portrait and sport photography is my homeland. I feel confident anticipating the action whilst mastering the light and composition of each photo.
However, over the last couple of years, I’ve had the chance to taste the beauty photography and learnt that the element of action is being replaced by the much higher expectations in terms of lighting and postures. I truly enjoy working in the studio, where I have the full control which then creates endless ideas and possibilities.
I have already planned another shooting with Priscilla Leimbacher which will take place in the upcoming weeks, shortly before her next world class competition.
2018_11_Priscila40394_CO copy.jpg
Priscilla Leimbacher IFBB Pro Bikini Fitness Athlete

RUND UM mit einem Sonnenuntergang

Letztes Jahr war die Rundum kurz vor dem America’s Cup in Bermuda, eigentlich bin ich wegen der Rudum ein paar Tage zu späht nach Bermuda gereist. Der Sonnenuntergang in der Region Überlingen hat es aber voll kompensiert.

Nun war ich wir wieder auf dem Bodensee. Die Wettervorhersage war nicht ideal. Wenn man den Himmel betrachtet war klar das da noch ein Gewitter kommen wird und genau das sorgt für das gewisse etwas. Die Sonne verschwand ein paar Mal hinter den Wolkenschichten, und so wechselte das Licht fast alle 5 Minuten. Leider waren die Zeitfenster für eindrucksvolle Aufnahmen somit etwas kürzer als sonst.

Es ist immmer wieder aufs neue Eindrucksvoll die Natur zu beobachten, sie ist immer anders und überascht uns immer wider aufs neue.
Mit einem Click auf die Bilder gelangen sie zu weiteren Aufnahmen.

Seit einigen Jahren träume ich davon ein paar Monate lang auf und rund um den Bodensee ununterbrochen während mehreren Monate den See und die Umgebung zu fotografieren, und danach ein Buch zu Publizieren mit diesen Aufnahmen. Währe schön wenn sich das mal realisieren lässt.

RUND UM 2018

runD UM 2018



Reflections Act 2

Blu26 Schweizermeisterschaft 2018 Zug

I’ve been looking at the reflection on the water for quite a few years, and as more I think about them, they become more interesting for me – the reflections are abstract and provide a wide space for imagination. I find something new in it every time when looking at the photos.

Last weekend I was photographing the Blu26 regatta in Switzerland on a lake which is known for not being the windiest place on earth, and yes, we had flat water for three days (sigh).

Time to be creative with the reflections, what do you see in them?

These and more images are now available as Fine Art Prints. Click here or on one of the photos to see the complete selection.

Blu26 Schweizermeisterschaft 2018 Zug

Blu26 Schweizermeisterschaft 2018 Zug

Modern Nature

Have been sitting by the water so many times and for so many reasons. Was it to find a solution for a problem, or simply to relax a bit and to enjoy time. Water is a magic element powerful, dangerous and beautiful. Can you hear the peaceful sound of this small waves hitting the the shoreline is so peaceful.
This harmonic shapes of reflections looks so modern, but in reality they have been here longtime before the humanity.
This photos are available as fine art prints


Live is clear today, we try to look into the future, it’s bright? That’s what we all hope, is it clear, what will it be?



Nazaré Big Waves


Portugal Atlantic coast in Nazaré, that’s as big as it get’s. Thank’s to a big underwater canyon finishing right in front of the Praia do Norte, the swell comes to the shore and the end of the canyon will be build up the wave to what we know the Nazaré wave.

This waves are from the crazy Wednesday in November 2018. Over night the waves were building up. Right before midnight I drove down to the faro the lighthouse from Nazaré, it was dark no light no stars and no moon. No horror movie will ever be as impressive as the noise of the waves crashing in the rocks below the lighthouse.
The next morning with the first light I finally could see with my eyes the Nazaré waves.
See more photos

Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves

Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves

Nazare Portugal Atlantic Ocean Waves

Impressive Sunset on Lake Constance


Impressive Sunset on Lake Constance
Sometimes when you are photographing a sailing regatta it happens that you are bit in a hurry.  This afternoon I received a very friendly phone call from a yacht owner asking about the 2017 Rundum with this impressive sunset. I realized I never published this photos on the image library as the next day I flew to Bermuda for the America’s Cup.
Here is the link

Today is a rainy day here in Switzerland so let’s enjoy this sunset.



#rundum #sunset #bodensee #skinfit #segeln #sonnenuntergang #lakeconstance #sailing #regatta #americascup

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum in the morning light

Sapin Bilboa March 1st 2018. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Spain Bilbao March 2018 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in the morning light
Designed by American architect Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao building represents a magnificent example of the most groundbreaking 20th-century architecture. With 24,000 m2, of which 11,000 are dedicated to exhibition space, the Museum represents an architectural landmark of audacious configuration and innovating design, providing a seductive backdrop for the art exhibited in it.

One of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, the building has been hailed as a “signal moment in the architectural culture”, because it represents “one of those rare moments when critics, academics, and the general public were all completely united about something. The museum was the building most frequently named as one of the most important works completed since 1980 in the 2010 World Architecture Survey among architecture experts.

See the complete series of photos:

Sapin Bilboa March 1st 2018. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Sapin Bilboa March 1st 2018. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao


A Magic Moment



Portrait session with a leader

I took a deep breath after hanging up the phone receiving confirmation to photograph Kristine Braden for the next Sphere Financial Magazine cover. I had the feeling this portrait session is going to be special, very special.
This is neither the first time I’m photographing personalities in the financial industry nor the first time taking a portrait of a woman. This time, it will be the first time I will be photographing a women e leader in the finance industry: Kristine Braden, CEO of Citibank Switzerland, she is also the first and only board female member of the over 100-year-old Swiss Bankers Association.

JK_Braden_17_12_25082Doing online research and getting to know the person is the first step in the preparation process. For every Sphere magazine cover, we feature a CEO of a Swiss bank on a an Eero Aarnio Ball Chair, and I always challenge myself to find a way to combine this chair with the personality of the subject and the brand that he/she is representing to make the cover portrait a “Wow”. Working on color scheme is never easy – finding the color scheme that fits with the personality of the subject and the brand behind. American contemporary graphic designer Paula Scher created the current Citibank logo after the Citicorp-Travellers Group merger, blue is the key color but the red coming from the umbrella of Travellers is also important.
In the mean time I contacted Citibank Switzerland PR head Yvonne Chan to schedule the time slot and to share the idea. We had a great conversation and even discovered our common love and passion for China. Taking a portrait is teamwork, and the moment when Kristine Braden and Yvonne Chan walked into my studio I felt all the essential elements were present. Reciprocal respect, openness, commitment. I knew I’ve got two very good team-players to make it happen. This is not always the case, taking a good portrait is such a fine balance on letting it go, influencing, guiding or interfering.

It was a one-hour portrait session (but think about how much it means to have one hour from such a person). I would like to sit on a couch and talk with her about the world, the unusual political situation, impact and consequences of digitization, or even block-chain because this is an interesting moment we are living in. The reality is we discovered we are both sailing enthusiasts, but soon afterwards we had to start shooting – time is always short. One hour seems long, but it was just right for what we had to do.
The latest Sphere Magazine was published a few days ago and I simply love these photos of Kristine Braden, a smart and attractive business woman.
I had the pleasure to photograph portraits of several personalities in the past years, every single time was an unique moment. I feel so privileged to have these opportunities to work with such great people.
After the shooting, Kristine sent me a message, “It was a blast shooting with you.” And yes, this message made my day even better.

Thank you Kristine, and thank you Yvonne. Thank you for making and being part of this magic moment.



See more photos of this portrait-session


Sonnenuntergang beim SBB Rangierbahnhof Limmattal


Habe mich schon oft gefragt was steckt unter den vielen Lichtern in Spreitenbach…

Der Rangierbahnhof Limmattal ist einer der grössten und leistungsfähigsten Rangierbahnhöfe Europas.
In der Nacht auf der A1 Richtung Zürich auf der Höhe von Spreitenbach fallen jedesmal die grosse Anzahl Lichter auf. Die Beleuchtung gehört zum einem der grössten Rangierbahnhöfe in Europa, pro Nacht werden hier bis zu 2500 Güterwagen Rangiert.

Portrait Session in China


 Portraits Aufnahmen sind jedesmal eine Entdeckungsreise, speziell wenn man dafür noch in den Flieger steigt und einige Stunden richtig Zeit hat und sich Gedanken über die Person zu machen.
Xie Shiyong ist eine junge Aufstrebende Managerin im Chinesischen “Sillikon Valley” Shenzhen. Was ist das für eine junge Frau die selbstbewusst ein Fotograf aus Europa bucht um Bilder von Ihr zu machen dachte ich mir?
Nach einigen Stunden im Flieger, Zollkontrolle und einer kurzen Nacht ging es am anderen Tag in ein Fotostudio in Shenzhen. Traf sie wie meistens üblich in dieser 13 Mio. Grossstadt in einem nahe gelegenen Shoppingcenter. In Shenzhen Downtown gibt ja fast nur noch Büros, Wohnungen bzw. Wolkenkratzer und eben Shoppingcenters.
In den letzten drei Jahren habe ich gelernt, dass Chinesische Frauen sehr sensible sind wenn es um ihre Portraits Aufnahmen geht. Das Wort Nein existiert nicht, höchstens ein zurückhaltendes “maybe” was meistens genau “Nein” bedeutet und trotzdem verhandelt diese Junge Dame grosse Verträge für ein bekanntes Amerikanisches Internetunternehmen in China.
Der Nachmittag mit Xie im Studio werde ich nicht so schnell vergessen, am Anfang war sie recht zurückhaltend. Nach ein paar Aufnahmen stand sie im Profil vor der Kamera und als sie den Kopf noch hinten senkte wusste ich, dass dieses Shooting ein Erfolg wird.

Vor ein paar Tagen bekam ich via WeChat ein schönes Feedback.

Before this shooting, I felt nervous and not that confident, but after I saw your photos, I really feel like I’m a strong woman through your camera

Link zu den Bilder




International ausgezeichneter Fotograf, arbeitet in den Bereichen Commercial, Portrait, Business, Corporate, Firmen, Event, Jürg Kaufmann.
Portraitfotograf, Corporatefotograf in Zürich, Bern, Winterthur, Luzern, Basel, Interlaken, Thun, Gstaad, St. Moritz, Zug, Schweiz Photograper Switzerland


International honored corporate and portrait photographer
business, event based in Switzerland

2016 Pure Sailing Passion Show

5 Jahre ist es her seit der letzten Pure Sailing Passion Tourne. In der Zwischenzeit konnte ich viele neue schöne und spannende Photos schiessen.
Ich freue mich richtig eine Auswahl davon am Abend vom 23. März in Basel zu zeigen. Neben der Vorschau auf Rio 2016 Olympischen Spiele werden auch Zeitlose Bilder über die berühmten J Class Yachten und viele andere schöne Momente der nautischen Welt zu sehen sein.
Portraits Fotografie ist seit einigen Jahren ein wichtiger Teil meiner Arbeit geworden.
Pure Personality ist das Thema. Es fasziniert mich immer wieder aufs Neue, die Stärke der Persönlichkeit zu entdecken und mit der Kamera fest zu halten. Dafür planen wir noch eine Überraschung.

Datum & Ort:
23. März 2016 Hofmattsaal Münchenstein Basel 20:00

Die Vorbereitungen laufen gut, die Partner sind voll mit dabei und zusammen haben wir schon über 200 der 350 Tickets verkauft.

 Der Verkauf läuft über Ticketino.
Details über den Anlass

Ein spezieller Dank an den CCS Region Basel, Photomarlin und das Wave Magazin.

A day trip to Paris


The reason for this day trip to Paris was Bruno Troublé the mastermind of the Louis Vuitton Cup,  a very charismatic personality in the international sailing world.

He did spend part of his life organizing sailing events, negotiating contracts, and sailing on many different boats.

Some years ago when I landed the first time in Auckland I saw the advertisement from Louis Vuitton
“To sail in the Americas’ Cup you first have to win the Louis Vuitton Cup” a clear and strong message.

I still remember the days as a young Laser sailor training on the lake Lugano spending every few years the nights in front of the TV watching the Louis Vuitton Cup, followed then by the America’s Cup.
At that time it seemed a world so far away.
Read the Wave article about Bruno Troublé

See more portraits of the Wave series

High Resolution Panorama from Hong Kong Skyline for the New Year


Happy New Year !

A few years ago this would have been a high budget almost impossible shooting producing a photo which can be printed with all details visible even on a size of 10m wide.

The base is a Nikon D810e the resolution of 36 megapixel and a great dynamic range capturing bright and dark areas in never seen quality for DSLR cameras. 10 perfectly captured photos stitched together give this panorama image resulting in a photo with 264 megapixel.

Detail view….


Not that we want to see what’s happeing inside the appartments of Hong Kongs citizens but we could if we keep zooming.

Link to the original photo:

Enjoy the view


Letztes Segelfotoshooting im 2015


Letztes Segelfotoshooting im 2015
Das wird sicher nichts als Ende November die Anfrage kam für ein Shooting, und genau am geplanten Tag war der Himmel blau wie schon so oft in diesem Herbst und somit gabe es doch noch schöne Fotos der neuen XP33 der WS Bootsschule hier in Zürich.


Swiss Mountian Film Festival


Big News!!!
In 2012 I had the pleasure to produce the official video for the toughest alpine race in world, the La Patrouille des Glaciers .

Today I’m very happy to announce that our video has been slected as on
of the 15 mountain videos out of 150 to be part of the 2015 Swiss Mountain Film Festival .

The festival takes place in Pontresina from the 10th – 16th August and
our video will be shown on the 16th before the prize giving.

Would great to share this momnet with you all.



Zurich’s harborcrane during the #‎dasischzüri‬ photo contest and exhibition

A unusual photoexhibition in the streets of Zurich organized and promoted by the local Radio 24. 100 photos representing the city of Zurich in a unusual way have been choosen by a jury and are now in display on billbords in the streets. Very creative idea way better than the usual postcards subjects from the last decades.

The harborcrane “Hafenkan” installed last summer on the Limmat was the source for controversial discussions. Is it art or simply a waste of money?
Gear used: Nikon D800 Nikon 12-24mm 2.8 Lense

link to the photo: Hafenkran


Water Quality in Guanabara Bay Rio


After one week in Rio there are three points wo seem apparent about the water quality.

First, the water is still dirty, and it smells bad in some places.  Most of the day though, especially with the current running, it’s not so bad.  The race course that will be near the bridge still has lots of plastic bags and floating debris around; those seem to be the major risk for sailors at the moment.

Second is the water quality: Days ago, our head coach took some samples and sent to an independent lab for review.  We will have final results in a couple of days, but (and this is incredible), the water quality is within normal limits!  For sure, the water quality is far, far from what I’m used to on our alpine lakes in Switzerland, but still, we saw a turtle today and some of our sailors saw dolphins, so that’s good news.

Third, I remember the Star Worlds here 4 years ago here in Rio, and since then, the water quality has improved A LOT.  We had a race on the future medal course back then, and the water was so horribly brown and even black at times that I couldn’t use a single photo from that race.

We can complain about the water quality, but the reality is that we are seeing a major ecological change here on Brazil’s shore.  Being an outsider it is hard to predict what will happen come 2016, but if the Chinese could solve hundreds of tons worth of algae, it’s not hard to hope that the Brazilians will solve their water management issues.


Pure Sailing Passion


After years of yachting photography and dreaming about presenting my images on a IMAX screen suddnetly you get this magic phone call.

The Swiss National Museum of transportaion, (by fare the largest and most visited museum in Switzerland) was planning a special exibition about sailing and this is the museum with largest IMAX screen in Switzerland.

The selection of the photos turned out to be a challenge, you wnat as many as you can, covering different subject and following a story.

The editing of the video ws done by James McIntyre love the work he does.

More & More


Fitness test at the Swiss Olympic Medical Center / Schuthess Clinic in Zurich.  In about one month the high altitude photo-shooting projects start and It’s time to check the fitness level.
It’s never enough, at least that’s what it feels. The outcome of the test was motivating but cruel too. I’m fit..ok I feel that myself, but how much and do I train the right way.
The heart range during the training was too high, this happens very easily, you skip a training session and the next one you push a bit harder to compensate and that’s a way to loose efficiency, that’s what I learned today.
From now on every second day 30 – 60 min jogging at a lower heart rate (125 – 135) and then once per week a ski tour to prepare the  body for the long and hard ascents in case we can’t use the chopper.

Reduce the heart race but increase the training volume, let’s see if it works. Mid April onwards I will feel it. At least I lost 4 Kg since January, this is less weight to carry up on the mountains.

And you, how is your training going?

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